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Help Us Find the Face of Skin Logic!

Skin Logic, the highly regarded and long established Guinot Beauty Salon located in Newton Lane, Romsey are searching for a lucky someone to treat to a total image transformation worth at least £1,500

Right now, following the recent launch of their exciting search for ‘The Face of Skin Logic’, the campaign is fast gaining momentum within the local community with the aim being to transform the appearance of one lucky lady by 10 years younger in just 10 weeks….

Skin Logic’s owner Sara Barnett explains; “When the idea for The Face of Skin Logic was born, we realised that this would be a great opportunity to bring something fresh and exciting to the local community. The campaign has just begun (closing date for entries is 10/02/17) and our work will continue into early May, when we will be able to reveal the ‘before and after’ results of the transformation.

Aside from the obvious being able to showcase what we can do as a Beauty Salon, we’re delighted to be able to offer a deserving person the chance to receive a beautiful and life changing, transformation. What’s more, we’re thrilled to be working in collaboration with the following Romsey based businesses to complete this ‘once in a lifetime’ experience.

To celebrate – our chosen ‘Face’ will receive:

  • A prescriptive course of facial aesthetic treatments from Skin Logics own and visiting beauty experts including Nurse Cathy Wallwork and Naomi O’Hara – Semi Permanent Cosmetics
  • Top quality professionally supplied products for use at home
    Access to Individually Unique Toning & Pain Relief Centre Romsey toning table suite
  • Haircut, colour, and design with Belle Hair Boutique, located in Bell Street
  • Personal style advice plus a £200 clothes shopping voucher donated by Skin Logic
  • Cosmetic make-up plus manicure and pedicure all provided by Skin Logic
  • ‘Before and After’ photoshoot with Helen Rushton Photography
  • ‘Reveal’ to friends and family – location and Dinner for Two to the value of £25 per person at The White Horse Hotel in Romsey.Sara says, “We’re thrilled at the heart warming generosity of the local businesses and the press who are supporting this campaign – without their help and the rest of the community who have agreed to display our ‘Wanted style’ posters we simply wouldn’t be able to make this happen. It’s so exciting to be working in collaboration with other local businesses and the team spirit is fantastic. It’d be amazing if news of our campaign could spread further afield and in so doing, inspire other salons to do the same to benefit other communities and other deserving people so we urge people to help us spread the word!

Here’s what some of our collaborators have to say:

Cathy Wallwork RGN NIP

Cathy is an Aesthetic Nurse with 20 years’ experience in the medico beauty arena. Cathy offers her expertise in dermal fillers and Botox and runs a clinic every two weeks at Skin Logic, Romsey.

Of her involvement in the project, she said, “I’m really excited to be involved and welcome the opportunity to show how, working together with the Skin Logic team, that a face can be beautifully and realistically transformed, safely and effectively with the right products and skill”.

Helen Rushton Photography

Helen is a passionate professional photographer (LMPA DiPP) who has recently moved her successful photographic studio from Salisbury to Romsey, where she has lived for the last 10 years.

Recognised as one of the South’s leading portrait photographers, she specialises in baby, family, weddings, and dog photography. Helen is delighted to be back in Romsey and working with businesses who share her passion for providing a first-class customer experience.

When asked to collaborate with Skin Logic, Helen said, “I’m delighted to be working on this amazing project. To me, beauty is about confidence and feeling fabulous, so everyone working on this together is really going to help change someone’s life for the better. That’s a very special gift to be able to give to someone and I can’t wait to play my part in that”.

Belle Hair Boutique

This contemporary salon, located in Bell Street, Romsey offers warm and relaxing surroundings to ensure all their clients feel at home. Belle Hair Boutique, is run by Verity and her talented team of stylists.

Verity says, “We’re super excited to be collaborating with Skin Logic in their search. There’s nothing we love more than creating a new look and with all the fantastic work that Skin Logic will be doing we look forward to making one special lady look and feel like a million dollars!”

Why The Face of Skin Logic?

To me, the people are the most important part of any business – by that I mean both clients and staff. Granted those are easy words to say although I always try my best to demonstrate this belief through my actions. Someone once said to me that, ‘When someone shows you who they are – you should believe them’.

This leads me nicely onto the reasons behind the search for The Face of Skin Logic….

Firstly, I’m fortunate to be able to count some amazing people amongst my friends, family, colleagues and clients. Collectively, they move and shake the forces of nature, industry, education, research, and charity. These people really do show others who they are and in turn they inspire me.

One such person is Nigel my partner of 6 years who is indeed one of life’s natural helpers. From sitting on an opportunist thief in a Gloucester bank whilst waiting for the police to arrive, to sitting on a government advisory committee for The Institute of Customer Services. Recently, he was enjoying a cup of coffee inside a coffee shop and through the shop window, noticed a tramp who had been sitting outside in the street and had moved away, having dropped his gloves behind him. It was a cold day and Nigel watched this, along with others who had been standing close by to the man, thinking it remarkable that no-one said or did anything to help. Of course, he put down his coffee, left the shop, picked up the gloves and returned them to one very grateful old man. These are just a few of the many things he does to help people – I really could write a book about him – meanwhile, as I know would be his wish, I choose to, ‘Pay it forward’, as they say.

Applications to Become ‘The Face of Skin Logic’

We’re looking for someone local (SO – postcode resident) who is happy to share their story past and present, a caring person who always puts others first yet has retained her sense of self and who will welcome the opportunity to take part and receive this special treat. Someone who perhaps has overcome adversity and remained positive, a carer perhaps or someone who has suffered from loss or recovered from illness and is ready to enjoy life to the full once again. A person that people can relate to and is inspiring in her own unique way and is a diamond we can polish.

If you know someone like this, then we’d love to meet them! Likewise, you can nominate yourself too via email, Facebook or our website, www.skinlogicbeauty.co.uk

We’re looking forward to hearing from you!

Lastly, it must be said, we are not looking for an aspiring model to become The Face of Skin Logic. The reason for this is that we are looking for someone who represents beauty in a multi-dimensional way. Although outer beauty is something many of us strive to achieve, true beauty begins and radiates from within, from becoming comfortable with yourself and from looking at others more than looking at yourself in the mirror. When you see the beauty in another person, you will discover the most beautiful thing of all.

Watch this space……

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